Celestial Silver Zilara – Dhiaan Shakthi Srinivasan


30th December 2022

SVAR Media in conversation with the Young, Energetic and Dynamic Dhiaan Shakthi Srinivasan of JewelOne speaking about their Silver jewellery brand ‘Zilara’. Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver, every piece of Zilara jewellery perfectly reflects the qualities – Bright, Bold, Shining, and Beautiful!

Congratulations to your entire team on the release of your latest collection Weaves of India by Zilara. Could you please shed some light on it?

The Weaves of India collection is inspired by the Kanjivaram silk sari. There are a lot of beautiful motifs in them that we’ve used as inspiration in our designs. The main idea is to ensure that we celebrate our rich heritage, especially that of our textiles. Our Kanjivaram silk saris are famous all across the world, and we thought it would be a great way of celebrating our silver jubilee.

While looking at all the possibilities, we thought to ourselves to look at and explore our textile counterparts for inspiration. Jewellery and textiles go hand in hand, and with that in mind, we stumbled upon the idea of using motifs from Kanjivaram, which was a breathtaking process. We used traditional motifs and put a contemporary spin on them to attract young consumers; the consumers that Zilara usually speaks to might not have worn a Kanjivaram sari, but as a pan-India brand, this is a great way for us to spread these motifs across the country.

The next collections, chapters two and three, are on the way. We’ll launch the second one in February 2023. They are also inspired by Indian silks… that much I can reveal for now!

Please share about the new trends in silver in the Indian market vis-à-vis the international market?

Well, I wouldn’t call silver jewellery a segment by itself, but it covers a broad arena. It’s a raw material used to create beautiful products now, but it was also once used for the investment value it holds. Today, however, it’s mostly used in fashion, even more so than gold sometimes because of its cost-effectiveness. So, in silver, you get traditional jhumkas to contemporary necklaces; you name it, it’s there. You can create anything with silver. And youngsters prefer something that goes with their sense of style than for its investment value, and silver serves that mandate perfectly.

Are you facing any challenges in the silver jewellery market?

See, there are no challenges that cannot be tackled, so I don’t want to use that word anywhere. But sometimes, hindrances do occur in the way of optimum results, a lot of which has to do with macroeconomics and is beyond our control. The risk-taking ability of an individual also changes from time to time due to the nature of the economy.

Last but not least, is there any message you would like to convey to retailers and buyers?

The best message I can give is that the jewellery industry flourishes when we all come together. Sometimes, we think that a store next to us is a competitor, but if you can see them, they are not your competitors. It’s the ones you can’t see. For example, iPhones could probably be a competitor to jewellery but not to a jeweller next to you. So, as a fraternity, our goal should be to build trust, awareness and grow together.

The jewellery industry flourishes when we all come together… as a fraternity, our goal should be to build trust, awareness & grow together