Cherishing Bonds: Adhik Maas with Ranka Jewellers


26st July 2023

For Ranka Jewellers, the celebration of Adhik Maas is a time of great importance as it aligns perfectly with the brand’s core values centred around family bonds and cherished relationships. The promotional offer of 50% off on making charges for Payal and Jodvi encourages customers to partake in this beautiful tradition with exquisite jewellery pieces

Adhik Maas, also known as the “extra month” in the Hindu lunar calendar, holds immense significance in Indian culture, and its occurrence in 2023 has been a momentous moment for Ranka Jewellers, Pune. During this auspicious period, families express their affection for their daughters and sons-in-law through meaningful gestures and heartfelt gifts. Among these traditional offerings, toe rings hold a special place as symbols of love, commitment, and marital bliss.

To complement their campaign, Ranka Jewellers has crafted a touching video that captures the essence of familial love and cherished memories with daughters and sons-in-law. This heartwarming representation resonates with the customers, fostering a strong emotional connection to the brand.

As a season marked by a surge in store visitors and an increase in footfall, Adhik Maas is a crucial time for Ranka Jewellers to deepen its bonds with customers and emphasise the importance of family values in their offerings. By participating in this celebration, the brand becomes an integral part of the festivities and further cements its position as a provider of meaningful and cherished jewellery pieces for families across generations.