Dassani Brothers Celebrates Father’s Day with ‘The Father’s Bond’ Collection


13th June 2024

Dassani Brothers, India’s premier designer jewellery brand, celebrates Father’s Day with the launch of their exquisite men’s jewellery collection – The Father’s Bond. This collection pays homage to the remarkable fathers who inspire us daily and instil the strength they represent. Each piece is a fusion of tradition and innovation to celebrate the enduring bond between fathers and their loved ones

The rich heritage of craftsmanship shines through this collection of kurta buttons, brooches, sherwani buttons, and cufflinks pieces; they are designed to become treasured possessions that embody timeless elegance and enduring sophistication. The featured collection is meticulously crafted with 18kt gold, adorned with a captivating interplay of uncut diamonds, symbolising a father’s unwavering guidance, and round brilliant cut diamonds, representing the brilliance he inspires in his children. The brooches, a true statement piece, boast an additional touch of distinction. Russian emerald leaves symbolise growth and prosperity, carved coral roses represent enduring love, and ruby cuts signify the unwavering strength fathers provide.

On the Father’s Day occasion, Sumit Dassani, Partner at Dassani Brothers said, “At Dassani Brothers, we understand the profound impact fathers have on our lives. The Father’s Bond Collection is a tribute to this special relationship, offering exquisite pieces that transcend mere adornment. Each piece is crafted with love and symbolism, becoming a cherished heirloom that embodies the values and strength fathers pass down to their children.”

Dassani Brothers’ rich heritage of craftsmanship shines through in this collection. These exquisite pieces are more than just accessories; they are tangible expressions of the lasting impact a father has on his children’s lives. From the classic elegance of kurta buttons to the statement-making brooches, each piece in the collection is designed to be cherished for generations.