De Beers Forevermark Cufflinks Make the Perfect Father’s Day Gift


16th June 2023

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to appreciate the role fathers play in our lives with a gift that speaks to their personal style and enduring presence. A pair of exquisitely crafted cufflinks from the De Beers Forevermark Icon™ Collection holds the perfect symbolism to mark this occasion

The cufflinks from this collection shine brilliantly like stars in the night sky, reflecting the permanence and strength of a father’s unwavering love. These perfectly crafted cufflinks make the perfect Father’s Day gift. They are a timeless and sophisticated accessory that add a touch of elegance to any formal or professional attire.

The sleek and timeless cufflinks from the Forevermark Icon™ Collection hold a beautiful, natural diamond at the heart of each pair and are crafted with 18k gold. They are available in both enamel and white gold with a guaranteed 3-day delivery while ordering from the De Beers Forevermark website.

“The cufflinks from the Forevermark Icon™ Collection are an ideal Father’s Day gift. They capture the essence of resilience, strength and brilliance, mirroring the remarkable qualities of fathers who inspire us. This collection truly serves as a meaningful tribute to the influence they have had in our lives, the icons who consistently inspire, support, and guide us. Each piece within the collection showcases classic designs and motifs that harmonize flawlessly with the captivating radiance of genuine De Beers Forevermark diamonds,” said Amit Pratihari, Vice President, De Beers Forevermark India.

The Forevermark Icon™ Collection pays tribute to the brand’s iconic motif that has defined it since inception. The collection draws inspiration from the exquisite beauty of the stars in the South African night sky and the iconic outline of a diamond. Each piece is meticulously crafted with delicate settings and motifs that are perfectly complemented by the brilliance of De Beers Forevermark diamonds.

De Beers Forevermark’s commitment to responsible sourcing ensures that each natural diamond is ethically and sustainably sourced. The brand’s rigorous selection process ensures that only the most beautiful and rare diamonds are chosen for inclusion in the collection.

To purchase these exquisite cufflinks, please visit https://www.forevermark.com/en-in/products/forevermark-icon-collection-cufflinks-7676a87b-57556/ Or