GlamBox Business Meet: A Shining Success Connecting Top Jewellery Retailers and Manufacturers


13th June 2024

GlamBox is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the 20th Edition of GlamBox Business Meet, held at the heart of India’s gold industry in Zaveri Bazaar. The event saw an impressive turnout with over 100+ leading jewellery retailers from across India meeting with 20 top gold jewellery manufacturers of India in Zaveri Bazaar

The GlamBox Business Meet aimed to foster strong B2B relationships and facilitate high-quality networking opportunities among the elite of the jewellery industry. The event provided a unique platform for retailers to explore new product lines, purchase new collections, discuss upcoming trends, and establish partnerships with some of the most prestigious manufacturers in Asia’s largest gold manufacturing hub.

Key highlights of the GlamBox Business Meet included:

Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Retailers and manufacturers engaged in productive discussions, exploring synergies and potential collaborations to drive future growth.

Showcase of Premier Collections: Attendees had the opportunity to view and experience the biggest jewellery stock and designs in gold in Manufacturer’s own office.

Industry Insights and Trends: The meet facilitated insightful conversations between Owners of leading Retailers and Manufacturers about jewellery market dynamics, consumer preferences, and innovative strategies for future association and growth.

“We are delighted with the overwhelming response to our 20th Edition of GlamBox Business Meet,” said Shruti Keshri, Partner at GlamBox.

“Our goal was to create a meaningful and impactful platform for jewellery retailers and manufacturers to connect, and the success of this event has exceeded our expectations.” said Hitesh Khandelwal, Partner at GlamBox.

“We are committed to continuing this momentum and fostering a collaborative environment within the jewellery industry.” stated Chintan Pandya, Partner at GlamBox.

The GlamBox Business Meet marks the beginning of a series of strategic initiatives by GlamBox to support and enhance the jewellery sector in India. The company looks forward to organizing more such events in the future, aiming to build stronger networks and drive innovation within the industry.

About GlamBox:

GlamBox is a leading organization dedicated to enhancing the jewellery industry through strategic networking events, market insights, and innovative solutions. With a commitment to excellence and industry growth, GlamBox strives to bring together the best in the business, fostering partnerships that shape the future of jewellery retail and manufacturing.