IIG Gifts Scholarships Worth 9 Lakhs for Mentally Challenged or Physically Disabled Children


4th June 2023

On Mr. Rahul Desai’s 43rd birthday, the CEO and MD of the International Institute of Gemology announced 21 Scholarships worth 43,000/- each (Total INR 9,03,000/-) for mentally challenged or physically disabled children. These scholarships are part of IIG’s commitment to CSR and providing quality education and vocational training

Mr. Rahul Desai, as an educator, mentor, and career guru has a long-term dream of supporting deserving children with disabilities and creating opportunities for their upliftment. The appeal is made to the Gem and Jewellery Industry to contribute and be part of this noble cause by directing such gem enthusiasts to IIG.

Passionate about education, Mr. Rahul Desai’s long-term dream is to provide free opportunities to deserving mentally challenged children, empowering them to succeed in society. Through CSR activities, he aims to give back and create a platform for the upliftment of children with permanent disabilities. These desires were ignited by SPJ Sadhana School, their principals and Ms. Renu Zaveri – HOD Gemology Dept. IIG serve SPJ Sadhana School in Mumbai in the past from 2008 to 2018 to provide education and vocational training to mentally challenged children, empowering them to become self-sufficient.

The International Institute of Gemology, a renowned Gems and Jewellery education institute, has a legacy of 58 years. With a focus on environmental and social responsibility, IIG actively engages in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), integrating social and environmental concerns into its operations. It stands as a premier institution in the industry, adapting to changing times and championing responsible practices.

IIG’s CSR empowers mentally and physically challenged students through education and training, improving their lives. Their commitment inspires others. Selected students receive training in diamonds, gemstones, or Jewellery designing at IIG, based on their abilities and at the discretion of IIG.

Lastly, Mr. Rahul Desai said on this occasion, “Making my years count, not counting years! I aspire to leave a lasting impact in the Gems & Jewellery education ecosystem, striving to be the premier and most reputable institute worldwide. Help us find these rough diamonds from the mines for us to polish and nurture.”

About IIG:

Tracing our origin to 1965, IIG has grown into a premier institute in the world of Gems & Jewellery Industry. IIG has an environment of collaboration and creativity driven by old-age educational methods that encourage, enable & empower students in their holistic development.

With operations on the Indian and International level, IIG has educated over 100,000 professionals excelling in the Gems and jewellery industry. The aim is to provide integral education, skill sets and values needed to design a purposeful career in the flourishing Gems & Jewellery Domain.

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