Orders worth INR 49407 Crores placed at IIJS Premiere 2022: Hansa Report


28th September 2022

IIJS Premiere contributes almost a quarter of the country’s total B2B annual sales of gems and jewellery

The 38th edition of IIJS Premiere held in Mumbai from 4th to 8th August 2022, was highly successful in driving sales and fulfilling the expectations & objectives of 1790 exhibitors and 50,000 domestic & international visitors, according to an exhaustive research survey conducted by Hansa Research, a consumer insights and analytics agency, commissioned by GJEPC.

The survey, which measured the world’s second-largest show’s performance across key touchpoints that impact customer experience, found that 95% of the exhibitors (sample size 948 exhibitors) expressed high satisfaction with overall experience at IIJS Premiere 2022, contributed by the quality of services, visitors, facilities & ambience, and machinery display.

Interestingly, IIJS Premiere contributes on average 23% of the country’s annual gems and jewellery sales, the study revealed. The total estimated value of orders booked at IIJS Premiere 2022 was ₹49407 crores, the report affirmed, and 92% exhibitors intended to participate in the next edition of IIJS Premiere.

Every year IIJS Premiere has been attracting 20% new visitors/buyers from all parts of the country. This year too at IIJS Premiere 2022 there were 13,133 new buyers from 4,820 companies who visited the show. Well-known, big retailers also found new suppliers as there were 400 new exhibitors at the show.

Vipul Shah, Chairman, GJEPC said, “A third party report on IIJS Premiere was essential to evaluate our efforts and figure where do we stand as an organizer. As organisers we are elated to know that as per research , IIJS Premiere is instrumental in driving 25% of Annual sales of the industry and nearly Rs. 50,000 crores worth of orders were placed at the world’s second largest show. Our efforts will always be to provide the participants a much more fulfilling experience at IIJS Premiere year after year.”

Nirav Bhansali, Convener – National Exhibitions, GJEPC, said, “The Council has been making consistent efforts to match the expectations of its exhibitors and visitors. Hansa Research Reports are very encouraging. 96% of Buyers expressed their desire to revisit the show. Its startling to note that exhibitors of Plain Gold, studded gold and silver jewellery on an average exhausted their entire stock in 2.99 days at IIJS Premiere 2022. This reaffirms industry’s trust and faith towards sustaining the legacy of the IIJS brand”

Exhibitor Insights:

The study noted that 98% of the exhibitors were “highly satisfied” with the overall quality of the visitors as well as the footfall of foreign visitors. The average domestic visitor footfall per exhibitor stood at 41 per day.

At IIJS Premiere 2022, it took 3 days for the entire stock of Gold and Gold CZ Studded Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, and Diamond / Coloured Stone to get exhausted.

The average quantity booked by each plain gold jewellery exhibitor per day increased 43% year-on-year to 62.10 kg, and the average order value per exhibitor was ₹165 lakhs.

The average quantity booked by each studded jewellery exhibitor per day was 64.71 kg, and the average order value per exhibitor was ₹126 lakhs.

Most of the exhibitors (97%) expressed high satisfaction with the quality of services offered at the show, and 94% of exhibitors were satisfied with the overall quality of the stall, overall facilities and ambience.

A large percentage of exhibitors (94%) are satisfied with the Launch Pad Concept which offers women entrepreneurs and budding designers a display platform to launch their products.

Visitor Insights:

Of the 1,071 visitors sampled, 96% showed “high satisfaction towards the overall experience”, including the quality of exhibitors, services, and registration process.

The key expectation from IIJS Premiere 2022 was business generation (72%), which was successfully achieved by 91% of visitors.

Notably, 96% of visitors intend to visit the next edition of IIJS, which is slightly higher than the previous edition 2021 (91%).

The survey found that 68% visitors were highly satisfied with their experience in IIJS Premiere 2022.

A large percentage of visitors (97%) were satisfied with the registration process, ease of logging and uploading documents.

Around 70% visitors who visited machinery display were highly satisfied on machinery display.

A high number of visitors (94%) were satisfied with the hotel booking services.

The next edition of IIJS Signature is slated to be held from 5th to 9th January 2023 at BEC, Mumbai, and this time the show would be of the same size and scale as IIJS Premiere. The visitor registration process for IIJS Signature is ongoing and the GJEPC teams are touring many different states to promote the show.