Radhika Apte inaugurates India’s First Exclusive Divine Lounge in Pune


2nd October 2022

Famous actor Radhika Apte opened the Divine Lounge, India’s first of its kind exclusive lounge, at Ranka Jewellers, Chinchwad and dedicated it to Punekars on 30th September 2022. For Radhika Apte, this was déjà vu moment as she had been coming to Ranka Jewellers since her childhood and it was an honour to be invited as the Chief Guest

Divine Lounge is a dedicated experience designed with desires of diamond buyers in mind. Here, the customers can look forward to a rewarding experience where they can carefully browse in leisure and experience first-hand the incredible Hearts & Arrows (Ex. Ex. Ex)Plus precision cut of Divine Solitaires diamonds and its other amazing features. The lounge offers the full range of Divine Solitaires jewellery including an exclusive range which is only available at Ranka Jewellers, Chinchwad. There is also a gallery of various collections based on contemporary themes and a dedicated section for designer jewellery for the more discerning customers. Also available are the Diamond Coins which is going to trend this festive season.

Jignesh Mehta, Founder & Managing Director, Divine Solitaires, showed Radhika Apte around the lounge and introduced her with the exclusive range of products. She was mesmerized by jewellery featuring dancing diamonds and was astounded to see for herself the perfect ‘Hearts & Arrows’ that forms in every Divine Solitaires diamonds. She said, “I’m amazed to know how much skill and efforts go into cutting a Divine Solitaires diamond. It’s amazing to know that it takes precision of the highest order to achieve ‘Hearts & Arrows’ that only 1% of the world’s diamonds have, and which is present in every Divine Solitaires diamond.” She also said, “Since the diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and trust, one should always choose the best, which no doubt is Divine Solitaires. Until now, I hardly had any knowledge about diamonds, but learning so much now, I am confident to buy my first diamond.”

The prime attraction at the lounge is the “Famous Diamonds of the World” where exact replicas of some of some of the iconic diamonds are available for public viewing. Radhika was enamoured to see the replicas of the Kohinoor, the Hope, and other famous diamonds. She said that having just read about them, this was the best chance to see these amazing beauties in person.

Tejpal Ranka, owner, Ranka Jewellers said, “It was always his dream to bring the best and the most amazing service to diamond lovers, which is now realized.”

Jignesh Mehta, who is the pioneer in bringing transparency and standardization to the diamond market, said, “We have tried to bring the best and create a unique experience for Punekars and that everyone should definitely visit and experience.”