Spectacular Exhibition Showcases One of the World’s Largest Black Diamonds at Christie’s


22nd September 2023

In a dazzling showcase of artistic mastery, the Wallace Chan: The Wheel of Time exhibition had opened its doors at Christie’s auction house in St James’s, London earlier this month. The event, which pays homage to the illustrious 50-year career of the 67-year-old artist Wallace Chan, presents a breathtaking array of jewelry and sculptures, including the awe-inspiring Legend of The Colour Black—a shoulder brooch sculpture adorned with one of the world’s largest cut black diamonds, weighing a staggering 312.24 carats (62.45g).

In a recent celebration of artistry and craftsmanship, the Wallace Chan: The Wheel of Time exhibition, held at Christie’s auction house in St James’s, London, successfully concluded its extraordinary showcase. This remarkable event paid tribute to the illustrious five-decade career of the 67-year-old artist, Wallace Chan, and featured a breathtaking array of jewellery and sculptures.

The undoubted star of the exhibition was the awe-inspiring “Legend of the Colour Black,” a shoulder brooch sculpture adorned with one of the world’s largest cut black diamonds, weighing a remarkable 312.24 carats (62.45g). To put its grandeur in perspective, the average engagement ring typically features diamonds ranging from 0.5 to 1 carat, making this exquisite gem a true marvel of nature.

Another captivating highlight was “The Joy of Life” brooch, a true masterpiece featuring a butterfly meticulously crafted from a stunning blend of sapphires, diamonds, pearls, and titanium—an embodiment of Chan’s unparalleled craftsmanship in the world of jewellery.

With an extensive collection comprising over 150 pieces of his distinctive jewellery designs and six remarkable titanium sculptures, this exhibition represented the largest assembly of Wallace Chan’s work in Europe.

The exhibition’s title, “Wallace Chan: The Wheel of Time,” beautifully encapsulated the artist’s profound exploration of time as a theme—an ever-present and eternal force guiding his creative journey. Each piece within this collection was meticulously crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, and Chan’s creations were imbued with the elegance of Chinese aesthetics.

One noteworthy aspect of this exhibition was that the majority of the displayed pieces had been generously loaned from Chan’s extensive network of international collectors, emphasizing the global impact of his artistry.

Reflecting on his remarkable five decades in the field, Chan eloquently stated, “In the blink of an eye, half a century has flown by. Time is an eternal wheel that rotates for infinity with neither beginning nor end. In the creative process, time is a theme so intangible, yet omnificent.”

Although this captivating exhibition has concluded its run, its memory and the enduring allure of Wallace Chan’s creations will continue to resonate in the world of art and jewellery. We invite you to relive the magic and elegance of this exceptional event through the words and images captured during its remarkable run.

For those who missed this once-in-a-lifetime showcase, the legacy of Wallace Chan’s artistry lives on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to witness his creations at Christie’s auction house in London.