SRK Refutes Ukraine’s NACP Allegations of Supporting War in Ukraine


16th September 2023

Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. (“SRK”), a renowned name in the global natural diamond industry with a legacy spanning nearly six decades, has found itself unjustly a target in the web of global geo-politics, misinformation, and baseless allegations. Recent accusations of supporting the Ukraine war, as alleged by Ukraine’s National Agency on Corruption Prevention have been made with an apparent intent to tarnish India’s diamond industry by pointing to one of the prominent brands in the Indian trade – SRK, and thereby causing reputational damage to SRK, without any factual basis. SRK reserves its right to take legal action against the relevant agency to protect SRK’s and India’s global Image

The heart of SRK’s operations has always been grounded in the principles of transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct. The company has throughout its illustrious history, adhered to these principles without any exception. Its commitment to responsible business practices has been unwavering, with the track record speaking for itself. Further to this, SRK emphasizes unequivocally that it stands for peace and harmony.

SRK has consistently operated within the framework of national and international guidelines, complying with all regulations issued by the United Nations, OFAC and other national and international authorities. SRK exclusively sources rough diamonds from countries that are active participants in the Kimberley Process, ensuring they have a certified origin. SRK does not endorse or support any kind of war or conflict anywhere in the world. The company has never engaged in any transactions with UN, US, Indian or OFAC sanctioned entities or individuals involved in any form of conflict. The mentioned link shows our untiring ethos backed with inherent values and ethics: https://srk.one/about.html