The Mesh of Gold and Design – Tanvi Gold Cast | YUG


30th December 2022

Tanvi Gold Cast LLP (India) always strives to give the best and unique YUG branded jewellery and other variants of gold jewellery to our customers. With the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rajkot, Gujarat, gives them an edge in the field of manufacturing. They have an exclusive collection of designs and extremely rare species of Jewellery with the best cadre of artisans, they produce a true class of products for our customers. They utilize cutting-edge machinery and systems in a world-class work environment to ensure the highest quality output


Meshing of Chains & Gold Jewellery Metals & Pieces to Rejuvenate & Refresh Your Look!

At Tanvi Gold Cast LLP (TGC) & YUG, we stand for innovation & ideas. For us, jewellery is a subject of unending exploration and delight. At IIJS Signature 2023, our theme is based on Innovation & Diligence in Design.

As we are aware, yellow gold has ruled the jewellery world for ages, but it’s time to change! Experiment, Experience & Exploration are the new buzzwords today in the field of jewellery making. The post covid world is breaking all the stereotypes and re-discovering the potential of precious metals in jewellery making. The meshing of metals is a concept that is here to stay and blooming by the day. The meshing concept paves the way for the art & craft by broadening the horizons of traditional designs & ways of jewellery making.

TGC & YUG’s ‘luxurious and affordable’ jewellery has “broken the traditional mold,” and our designs make a statement. Our project includes a wide range of budgets for all kinds & types of jewellery products. The product range is designed to bridge the gulf between what people want and what jewellers have to offer.

We are going to launch a whole new concept of meshed jewellery by meshing precious metals to produce the most exquisite & artistic jewellery. The products on display would feature a wide range of designer Necklaces, Bracelets & Dangling Stone Earrings which will showcase the new age look of modern-day jewellery. The metal tone post meshing looks radiant & evoke romantic feel that adds a fresh look to outfits of all kinds, from traditional, ethnic to modern day attires. Watch out for our newest cool meshed concept in a pair of dangling stone earrings, rose layered necklaces & bracelets to power your looks & standout with meshed concept gold jewelry, undoubtedly the way to create distinctive jewelry moments this year.