Titan Company to Acquire Full Ownership of CaratLane


27th February 2024

Titan Company had executed relevant documents today to purchase balance 1,19,489 equity shares held by the individual shareholders of CaratLane Trading (CaratLane) representing 0.36% of the total paid-up equity share capital of face value of Rs. 2 each/- of CaratLane

In an exciting move today, Titan Company has taken a decisive step towards consolidating its ownership of CaratLane, a leading name in the online jewelry realm. With the execution of pertinent documents, Titan is set to acquire the remaining 0.36% equity stake held by individual shareholders of CaratLane. This strategic acquisition underscores Titan’s commitment to furthering its presence in the digital jewelry space.

Currently, CaratLane stands as a significant subsidiary of Titan, with the latter holding an impressive 99.64% of its total paid-up capital. However, with this latest transaction, Titan is poised to transform CaratLane into a wholly owned subsidiary. This move not only solidifies Titan’s control over CaratLane but also signals its unwavering dedication to leveraging the immense potential of online jewelry retailing.

As Titan continues to pave the way in the world of fine jewelry, this acquisition serves as a testament to its vision and ambition in the ever-evolving landscape of luxury retail.