Titan & Tanishq Attain Coveted ‘Well-Known Trademark’ Status


8th February 2024

Titan Company Limited proudly announces that Titan Company and Tanishq, have achieved the prestigious ‘Well-Known Trademark’ status through the Indian Trademark Registry, as per the provisions of the Trademarks Act of 1999. According to the act, a mark attains this distinction when it is widely recognized by a substantial segment of the public utilizing the associated goods or services

A well-known trademark is a mark which is widely popular and recognized by the public in relation to any goods / services and such trademarks can be protected specifically against infringement by third parties, even for different goods/services.

This accolade propels Titan and Tanishq into an elite league, alongside esteemed entities such as TATA, TCS, TELCO, and Croma. Mr. Dinesh Shetty, General Counsel & Company Secretary, Titan Company Limited, said, “This accomplishment is not just a feather in our cap but also a testament to our commitment to consumers. Securing a well-known mark not only fortifies legal protection against infringement but also marks a pivotal moment for Titan as we expand our global footprint. This is about making a resounding impact in all the sectors we are present in, posing formidable competition on the international stage.”

The advantages of registering as a well-known mark are multifaceted, offering a distinct brand identity and bolstering brand value. Additionally, it opens avenues for lucrative licensing and franchising opportunities.

Mr. Dinesh Shetty added, “This achievement not only reinforces our commitment to excellence but also solidifies our reputation as a brand that prioritizes consumer trust. It’s a significant stride towards delivering unparalleled service.

Mr. Safir Anand, Senior Partner at Anand and Anand, who worked on the procuring this well-known designation states, “It is rare for a company to have a well-known trademark declaration as the process goes through a stringent scrutiny of evidence on the Trademarks Register and basis contentions and association, and Titan has accomplished a double bonanza. This itself shows unique ability of the company in the future to develop extremely strong and enforceable brands with a huge monetary value.” 

Titan Company Limited continues to set new benchmarks in the industry, with the ‘Well-Known Trademark’ designation serving as a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and global excellence. As Titan and Tanishq ascend to new heights, consumers can expect nothing short of exceptional products and services from these distinguished brands.

About Titan Company Limited:

Titan Company Limited (“Titan”), a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO), commenced its operations in 1987 under the name Titan Watches Limited. In 1994, Titan diversified into jewellery (Tanishq) and subsequently into EyeCare. Over the last three decades, Titan has expanded into underpenetrated markets and created lifestyle brands across different product categories including fragrances (SKINN), accessories and Indian dress wear (Taneira) and thoughtfully designed Women’s Bags (IRTH). Titan is widely known for transforming the watch and jewellery industry in India and for shaping India’s retail market by pioneering experiential retail.

Learn more about Titan on: https://www.titancompany.in/