Unraveling the Lok Sabha Security Breach: A Deep Dive into the Intrusion and its Implications

indian parliament smoke bomb Incident

In a shocking turn of events, the Lok Sabha, the lower house of India’s Parliament, witnessed a significant security breach on Wednesday. Two individuals brazenly entered the Lok Sabha, causing chaos and spreading fear by releasing yellow gas canisters. This unprecedented incident unfolded on the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack, raising serious concerns about the security measures in place.

1. The Breach Unfolds: As the parliamentary session was in progress, two intruders infiltrated the Lok Sabha, spraying yellow gas and creating commotion. MPs rushed to apprehend them, leading to their subsequent interrogation.

2. Intruders’ Motive: The intruders, amidst their disruptive act, reportedly raised slogans inside the Lok Sabha, expressing dissent with cries of ‘Tanashahi nahi chalegi’ (Tyranny will not prevail). The motive behind their intrusion remains a subject of intense scrutiny.

3. The MP Connection: Lok Sabha MP Pratap Simha’s alleged signing of one intruder’s entry pass adds a layer of complexity to the incident, prompting questions about the security clearance process.

4. Aadhaar Card Discovery: Security personnel found an Aadhaar card with a Lucknow address on one of the intruders, adding another dimension to the investigation.

5. External Protestors: Simultaneously, outside Parliament, two protestors were detained by local police, using colored smoke in their demonstration.

6. MPs’ Reaction: Amidst the chaos, MPs pointed out the eerie coincidence that this breach occurred on the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack. The suddenness of the massive breach left MPs visibly shaken.

7. Eyewitness Accounts: BJP MP Rajendra Agarwal, who was presiding over the chair of the Speaker during the breach, provided firsthand accounts of the incident.

8. Swift Response: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh swiftly reached the spot, showcasing the immediate response to the breach.


Q1: What slogans were raised by the intruders?

A: The intruders reportedly raised slogans inside the Lok Sabha, expressing their dissent with cries of ‘Tanashahi nahi chalegi’

Q2: Was there any connection between the MPs and the intruders?

A: Lok Sabha MP Pratap Simha reportedly signed an intruder’s pass, complicating the investigation.

Q3: What was the significance of the yellow gas canisters used?

A: Yellow gas canisters, like smoke bombs, caused chaos and fear in Lok Sabha for visual effects.


Conclusion: The Lok Sabha security breach has raised serious questions about the efficacy of the existing security measures. The incident on a key anniversary requires a detailed probe for the safety of a top Indian legislative body. The breach underscores the ongoing necessity to vigilantly protect democratic institutions as the nation anticipates the findings.