Vision City: A Futuristic Commercial Hub for the Jewellery Industry


13th June 2023

The Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) has unveiled an ambitious project that aims to establish Vision City, a state-of-the-art commercial hub dedicated to the exquisite realms of jewellery, gems, and furniture, among other luxury goods. Spanning an expansive 121 acres of prime land, this visionary venture will be strategically located at the intersection of Dwarka Expressway and Pataudi Road in Sector 88

The development of Vision City is set to commence following the completion of the prestigious Global City project, which will occupy a sprawling 1,003-acre area. Notably, meticulous planning will ensure seamless connectivity between the two projects, prioritizing the unhindered movement of pedestrians and cyclists. However, the specific design for this integrated connection is yet to be finalized.

According to HSIIDC officials, the corporation secured a parcel of land where both the Global City and Vision City projects will flourish. As the Dwarka Expressway was originally slated to traverse this land, the corporation generously granted the right of way (ROW) for the expressway’s construction. Consequently, the expressway effectively divides the land into two sections, each earmarked for the development of Global City and Vision City, respectively.

Sector 88, as outlined in the city’s master plan, has been officially designated as a commercial hub. Arun Garg, the Deputy General Manager of HSIIDC, elaborated, stating, “Global City is slated to occupy an impressive 1,003 acres in sectors 36B and 37B, while Vision City will take shape in Sector 88, positioned across the expressway.”

The successful realization of seamless connectivity between the two projects necessitates the implementation of either a flyover or an underpass, presenting the HSIIDC with two viable options.

Constructing a flyover above the elevated corridor of the Dwarka Expressway would entail a significant ramp area and substantial land usage. However, opting for an underpass seems more practical in terms of land consumption. Nevertheless, constructing the underpass poses engineering challenges, as it must accommodate the pillars of the expressway, surface road, and the 6-feet deep Badshahpur drain that runs beneath the road. It is envisioned that the underpass will be constructed beneath the drain.

An informed official closely associated with the project disclosed that the necessary technology for executing complex engineering works is readily available. Additionally, it was suggested that the company currently responsible for the expressway’s construction could be awarded the contract, as they possess intimate knowledge of the terrain and possess the requisite infrastructure for the task at hand.

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