World Gold Council Appoints Sachin Jain as New CEO for India


27th February 2024

The esteemed World Gold Council proudly announces the appointment of Sachin Jain as its new CEO for India, effective March 2024. Sachin brings with him a wealth of experience garnered over two decades, notably from his tenure at De Beers, where he held pivotal leadership positions, including Managing Director of De Beers India

In his previous roles, Sachin has demonstrated an innate understanding of the intricacies of the Indian consumer and jewelry market, coupled with a strategic vision that transcends mere ideation to tangible execution. His journey through esteemed organizations like Lladro, Swatch Group, and Benetton has further enriched his expertise in the retail landscape.

David Tait, Global CEO of the World Gold Council, expressed his enthusiasm for Sachin’s appointment, citing it as a crucial milestone for the Indian gold market. He highlighted Sachin’s invaluable contributions to enhancing consumer trust and deepening engagement within the gold industry, underscoring his belief in Sachin’s ability to propel the industry forward.

David Tait, Global CEO, World Gold Council said: “I am delighted that Sachin is joining us at an important time for the Indian gold market. Sachin’s experience in the retail market, and jewellery industry is crucial to our efforts to enhance consumer’s trust in gold and in the Indian gold industry. In addition, his marketing expertise will help deepen our engagement not only with the gold industry but also with financial institutions and raise awareness of gold’s role in every investment portfolio. Sachin brings energy, enthusiasm, and a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, and I look forward to working with him to help more consumers realise the potential of gold in all its forms.”

Sachin Jain, in acceptance of his new role, articulated his profound honor in leading the World Gold Council’s endeavors in India. His vision is firmly rooted in fostering sustainability, driving positive change, and harnessing gold’s inherent potential as both a timeless adornment and a strategic investment asset. His commitment to responsible practices aligns seamlessly with the World Gold Council’s ethos, promising a future where gold’s role in India’s economic growth is elevated to new heights.

Sachin Jain said: “It is a privilege to be entrusted with leading World Gold Council’s activities in India, given its pivotal role in shaping the gold industry. I am deeply impressed by the organisation’s commitment to sustainability, responsible practices, and positive contributions to the global gold sector. My vision for gold industry in India is rooted in a dedication to fostering sustainable practices and driving positive change. I am looking forward to strengthening World Gold Council’s engagement with various stakeholders, promoting responsible practices, harnessing gold’s growing appeal as an investment asset, and enhancing its role in economic growth of India.”

In anticipation of a seamless transition, current India CEO Somasundaram PR will continue his invaluable contributions until Sachin assumes office. Somasundaram PR will persist in his advisory capacity, particularly in the establishment of a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO), a pivotal initiative for the Indian gold industry.

The World Gold Council looks forward to embarking on this new chapter under Sachin Jain’s leadership, marked by innovation, sustainability, and a steadfast commitment to excellence in the Indian gold sector.