Shree Jee, Jaipur Unveils PANNA BAGH: A Tribute to Natural Emeralds in Pre Fall’24 Collection


17th June 2024

Shree Jee proudly announces the launch of its latest collection, Pre Fall’24 PANNA BAGH, celebrating the timeless allure of natural Emeralds. Each piece in this collection is a testament to Shree Jee’s dedication to craftsmanship and reverence for nature’s beauty

PANNA BAGH epitomizes elegance and sophistication, with every design meticulously crafted to harmonize with custom-cut Emeralds. These exquisite gems, sourced from Zambia and Colombia, undergo bespoke shaping in India’s renowned Pink City. Here, skilled artisans meticulously transform each Emerald to complement Shree Jee’s distinctive designs, ensuring every creation is a masterpiece of harmony and artistry.

“At Shree Jee, we cherish our deep connection with natural Emeralds,” said Mr. Shubhang MittalDirector of Shree Jee. “PANNA BAGH is a collection close to our hearts, where each Emerald is not just a stone but a carefully chosen element, tailored to enhance the timeless beauty of our pieces.”

In addition to showcasing the brilliance of natural Emeralds, PANNA BAGH reflects Shree Jee’s commitment to promoting India’s rich cultural heritage. The collection pays homage to the skill and craftsmanship of local Karigars, whose expertise brings each design to life with unparalleled finesse and attention to detail.

Discover PANNA BAGH, where tradition meets innovation, and experience the splendor of bespoke jewelry that transcends time.

About Shree Jee:

Founded in 1940’s, Shree Jee is renowned for its exquisite jewelry that blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elegance. Based in Jaipur ( The pink city). The brand is dedicated to sourcing the finest materials and employing skilled artisans to create jewelry that resonates with sophistication and timeless beauty